It’s February vacation week. Stephen does not do well loafing about at home for long periods of time, so I signed him up for the cheapest day camp I could find: Theatre! For 6 year olds to do some performance!

Only, I thought it was singing and dancing. They are apparently doing a Scooby Doo play. Not a musical. No singing or dancing involved at all. Stephen can learn songs quickly, but there are no songs. Instead, he has five spoken lines that he is supposed to memorize! He brought home a script today and he is supposed to practice.

Ummm. I was so not excited about getting Stephen to memorize lines. At all. But needs must, so I included them in his favorite nightly ritual. I guess this is going to be our homework for the next two nights.

Oh, and Friday afternoon we also have to go watch this thing. Ummm. Yay.


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